Why eat?

Humans must stop eating, before it is too late.

Humans have been eating mercilessly for the last two thousand years with zero regrets whatsoever, and this act must stop now. Starting with meat and bone marrow, we quickly devoured everything from berries, fruits and veggies to grass, bark and salt. Where has this led us?


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

It is nothing more than pure solid pain to eat. For me eating food has always been a tradeoff to breathe. Eating is waste of time. Eating doesn't make you an expert in eating. Eating doesn't make you powerful and smart. Eating does not even help you down the line in 20 years. But there is a possibility that my eating habit might influence the path of evolution into uncharted territory for humans in 2000 years, and is that worth it?

Certainly not!

We are proud humans who revolutionised/modernised all kinds of habits dealing with human lifestyle. From leaves and skin, we moved to Levi’s and Cherokees. From twigs and stones we moved over to AK47s and Nukes. From horses and elephants we moved over to KTMs and Teslas. From eating uncooked meat and raw green roots, we moved over to microwaved food and flavoured water. What has changed? The heat factor. The discovery of petroleum and street food, but has it improved the way we eat?

Sadly, no!

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

I waste an average of 30 mins for breakfast, 20 mins for brunch, 60 mins for lunch, 30 mins for snacking and 60 mins for dinner. 160 minutes ~ 3 hours of my precious life everyday down the drain and I cannot accept that.

Imagine wasting 1095 hours every year just so you can stay alive. That’s 45 days every year and 10 years in your lifetime, considering you live upto 80. ‘Would you live upto 80?’ is a question for another debate, but more importantly can all this be prevented? Can you down food like water? Can you dump solids like liquids and let the hydrochloric acid in your tummy do the rest? I asked around and researched for weeks, but the answer is still…


‘Healthy, delicious and efficient’ alternatives to food sources have popped up over the years. From bitter pills to tasty shakes, brands are trying to capture a very new (and niche) market. We know inedia kills. We know we need food. We know we need to be better than humans of the last generation. If you think this behaviour is linked to your hate for cooking, think again, cos you don’t even cook. You mostly eat out or steal food from your parents. Can we all afford to eat like Maryam Siddiqi? PTC tests, customised (and simple) meal plans only to getting involved with dieticians and nutritionalists later?

Nah! Rather not!

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

With all this being said, I need to give food some credit. What else would people at a date do? Play water slide at an amusement park? What else would the two heads of state do at conferences? Write another chapter of game of thrones? What else would you do on a dinner night with friends and family? Play chess and socialise while snapping away in tuxedos?

No, right? That would be crazy!

Thanks to food for having saved all my ancestors, animals, lazy to innovate food scientists and myself, needless to specify. It is high time, you leave the table, literally and figuratively. It is time we inject something into ourselves, or better, charge ourselves up with some force field. That would be cool, GenZ and fast at the same time, unlike eating which is slow and tedious, most of the time. All the time. Every single time. Ughh!

Photo by Julia Zyablova on Unsplash

Having first thought about this in 2016, discussed, researched about the alternatives/ facts in 2018 and finally tapping onto my keyboard with this in 2021, I can only complain. Along with that, I can also hope, push forward for the best while preparing myself for the worst. My war with agricultural and factory cultivated products. The next meal of my life in 20 minutes.

Prepped and ready to go here I come, secretly hoping we soon meet our Marie Curie and Albert Einstein in food and eating.